Mission Statement

Create environments that enhance and better the surroundings for everyone with whom the company touches to evoke the greatest experience possible while establishing a value-added approach to the profit of the company.


  • Implement exceptional ethics and standards in all areas of our business
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism, support and quality service
  • Think creatively and positively to solve all challenges and overcome any obstacles
  • Employ value-added actions and measures to maintain a long-term viable company

Business Philosophy

Bakkar Group is committed to cultivating developments by creating an exceptional experience for the community that encompass the belief that physical structures should contribute positively to the community’s social, aesthetic and cultural qualities.

Strategic Direction

Bakkar Group’s strategy is to grow by developing and acquiring retail shopping centers throughout Northeast Florida that help increase the bottom-line profit of the company.


Bakkar Group began in the mid 1970s as a small investment for Wadie Bakkar, owner and founder. It has now grown into a multi-million dollar family business.

Wadie Bakkar moved to America in the late 1960's where he became a butcher for 16 years of his life. During those years, he worked tirelessly to make ends meet and provide for his family. Anytime there was an extra shift to be picked up, he seized that opportunity to work it. That determination and motivation put him in a situation where he was able to save enough money to purchase his first investment house. From there another to finally his first retail investment property and with hard work and a relentless spirit, he grew the company.

Currently, Mr. Bakkar runs the company with his two sons Ramzy Bakkar, president of Bakkar Group, who currently leads the company, and Tony Bakkar, who oversees the accounting of the business. Together, they have put together a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to help take the company to the next level of growth.

The company is comprised of several departments to include development, construction, leasing and sales, property management and real estate services.

Wadie Bakkar


Wadie Bakkar is the founder of the original company, Bakkar Investments, which is now Bakkar Group. Mr. Bakkar founded the company in the mid-1970's when he purchased his first center, located at 3630 Park St. in Jacksonville, FL. He has been the rock and foundation of the company, growing it from humble beginnings to the prestigious company it is today. He instilled in his three sons at an early age the disciplines, knowledge, and wisdom, that he learned over the years. Mr. Bakkar couldn't be prouder of his children and what they have accomplished in their lives. Today Mr. Bakkar works six days a week, managing skilled craftsmen at all of the company's properties. His children only hope to have his energy when they reach his age.

Ramzy Bakkar


Ramzy Bakkar is the President of the Bakkar Group and has over 20 years experience in the commercial real estate field. Ramzy has been instrumental in the expansion of the company and firm's tenant base. He is responsible for new development, acquisitions, financing, sales, and leasing of the Bakkar Group's portfolio which consist of many retail locations in Northeast Florida.

Ramzy Bakkar grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and attended Bishop Kenny High School. From there he went to college where he met his beautiful wife. Both of them graduated from Florida State University in 1997. Go Noles! Before growing the company; he and his wife are raising four beautiful children. Ramzy graduated with two degrees; one in Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the other in Management. These have given Ramzy the unique ability to understand his tenants' businesses and what it takes to effectively operate them.

When asked what aspect he likes best in his job, he replies "Interacting with people whether it be employees, brokers, tenants, bankers, accountants, and lawyers. There are a whole lot of good people in the market place and I enjoy working with them.

Tony Bakkar

Vice President

Tony Bakkar is the Vice President of the Bakkar Group and has over 25 years experience in the commercial real estate field. Tony operates the accounting side of the company where he ensures at the end of the day the numbers add up.

Tony grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and attended Bishop Kenny High School, followed by University of North Florida. He is married to his beautiful wife, Sonia, and has four amazing children.

When asked what aspect he likes best in his job, he replies "Working in a family business where we support one another and help each other not only on a work level, but on a personal level as well.

Father Gabriel Bakkar


The Bakkar Group considers Fr. Gabriel the official Chaplin for the company. Fr. Gabriel Bakkar is Ramzy Bakkar's twin brother and like Ramzy also attended Bishop Kenny High School and graduated from Florida State University.

Fr. Gabriel joined a Catholic friary called the Fanciscan Friars of the Renewal in 1998. One of the main missions of the friary is to serve the materially poor, most especially the destitute and homeless. By living in poor neighborhoods, running homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and youth programs, friars strive to fulfill the command of the gospel and our Holy Father St. Francis. In 2007, Fr. Gabriel became the first priest in the Bakkar Family history.