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  • Amber Mills
    Our space needs were minimal (1,000 sq. ft.), yet our “need” seemed to be more important than the size of the “deal”. I have to say, Mr. Bakkar has delivered more than I thought possible. It’s easy to see why he is one of the great “relationship” people in the business, and that makes all the difference to a person like me. Starting a small business takes a great deal of faith and at such a young age, 26, Mr. Bakkar made it all make sense for me. He set me up for financial success and was there to help advise when I needed it. He always took my call and did what it took to keep my doors open! Look at me now, 7 years later still renting with Bakkar and my company has blossomed. Thank you Mr. Bakkar and Phil for always doing what it takes to make successful small businesses.
    Amber Mills
    A Pilates Studio
  • Ben Norman
    To the entire Bakkar Team: We just received your check for our final Month rent and security deposit, thus closing out the business relationship we've enjoyed with you all. The last six years was my family's first experience in a retail type of business and we are so thankful for the good people at Bakkar. Six years ago, I spoke to several different landlords and "interviewed" them while searching for the right perperty to lease. Most were unpleasant, curt, and very impersonal. Bakkar Property was the complete opposite from the beginning. You always were warm and kind and kept the lease affordable for the smallest family business imaginable. Your family business was a blessing to my family business. I would recommend Bakkar to anybody that needed a commercial landlord. Shelly and I will truly miss seeing Mr. Bakkar and working with Phil. Who knows what the future holds, but if another retail business is ever in the cards for us, we know no other landlord would ever be as wonderful as Bakkar.
    Ben Norman